Strong organizations are made up of strong individuals. The problem is that most individuals may receive months, even years of technical skills training, but they never really learn how to deal with people. Interpersonal and professional conflicts take up enormous amounts of needless time, energy and money. Private coaching offers individuals the opportunity to fine-tune their people skills, build relationships, become better communicators, and lead happier, more productive lives.

Elisa Levy and her team coach individuals on a short-term basis, and helps them first identify their goals, and develop the tools they need to achieve them. Her coaching is highly interactive, and involves simulations and hands-on work. In between sessions, she gives her clients reading, writing and communication homework assignments to maximize their time with her.

Clients who receive coaching come from a wide variety of industries and organizations including CEOs of private companies, sales people, doctors, nurses, teachers, and parents. Topics depend on the needs of each client. Some of the most common subjects are Stress Management, Leadership and Relationship Building.

Stress Management

Studies from the Department of Health and Human Services shows that between 80 and 90 percent of all illnesses are stress related. Our emotions have incredible power over us, and most of us do not know that we can control them. In the coaching process, individuals learn simple tools for the body and mind to control their emotions, ward off stress, and communicate in a healthy, and productive manner.


Learning how to motivate, inspire, and create systems of accountability are some of the most challenging skills anyone can learn. Many leaders are highly knowledgeable about their companies, products and customers, but not about people skills. In the coaching process, individuals learn to deal with difficult people, motivate and inspire, and create strong teams.

Relationship Building

Relationships are the foundation of all business and personal success. Most people struggle with at least one significant relationship in their lives, and find at times, they are lost in how to improve them. Elisa Levy coaches individuals to improve their relationships, by teaching new ways of understanding others and themselves, and by giving clients tools to communicate in ways they may have never tried before.