All organizations, as some point, seek growth, improvement and change. Having an objective and neutral person who can lead a group through a creative process of planning, and help them execute their ideas is invaluable.

Elisa Levy is a highly experienced facilitator, who helps organizations from UN agencies to Fortune 500 companies around the world solve employee conflicts, make organizational changes that improve systems and communication, and prepare strategic plans and systems to monitor their progress. She spends time with her clients before facilitating to understand their specific needs and goals.

Elisa works with small and large groups in three key areas:

Workshop Facilitation
The process of facilitation requires moving a group of people through a four-step strategy of: 1) generating ideas, 2) reaching consensus, 3) developing an action plan, and 4) creating a system to monitor and evaluate their work. These four steps can be applied to a wide variety of organizations from small businesses to multi-lateral organizations.

Elisa has been taking people through this process for more than a decade. Whether she is working with representatives from multiple countries, gathered to implement a plan for social justice, or a small business seeking to improve their sales, Elisa uses an approach that is highly participatory, energetic, and outcome driven. At the same time, she is able to be flexible, and allow for an organic process to unfold.

Organizational Strategic Plans
A study from Harvard University business school students showed that the mere act of putting goals down on paper increased the chance of realization by 90 percent. Or, in the words of Yogi Berra "If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there."
Most successful organizations, large and small, have 3 to 5 year strategic plans. The trick, however, isn't just to have the plan, but to make sure it gets executed.

Elisa Levy helps organizations get clear on their visions, and put them into a workable strategic plan that can be monitored along the way. She uses a logistical framework to break down complex ideas into doable, achievable steps, and helps individuals create a system to implement their plans.

Resolving Employee Conflicts
On average, managers spend more than 80 percent of their time handling employee conflicts. Even more shocking is the fact that most managers never receive training on conflict resolution. Employee conflicts lower morale, breed disloyalty and impact the bottom line. Resolving them once and for all can make all the difference in an organization's success, and in the happiness of employees.

Elisa Levy helps individuals and small groups work through conflicts, and devise agreements that are long-lasting. She mediates with the goal of concrete, measurable solutions, and sets up a plan with clients to ensure that the agreements are implemented for the long-term.